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Doc’s Wine Shop is owned and operated by Darren Guillaume CS.  I got the name “Doc” through my 25 years of service as a Medical Officer in the United States Army.  I'm also a decorated veteran of OIF3. 

I have been a wine geek all my life.  My love of

fine wines grew with my many trips throughout the the world with the enjoyment of all cuisine. 

Upon retirement from the service, I decided to finally follow my second passion in life: my love

of European wines.

I am a Certified Sommelier, and acquiring my certification from none other than the world renowned French Culinary Institute.   My love for fine wines is apparent with every customer I meet, always happy to educate and to answer questions about the variety of wines that I offer from such faraway places as Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. 

In addition to the hundreds of brand names of white and red wine, including Chardonnays, Merlots, Pinot Noirs, Zinfandels and Cabernets, Doc also offers a wide selection of beer, cheese and wine gift baskets. 


Cindy N.

Doug E.

Esther H.

Renee G.

Visit Doc’s Wine Shop where wines of Old World Europe are offered at affordable prices. 


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